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    Civil architecture

    Customized Installation Project for Sound Insulation Cover o

    Boiler room noise mainly comes from blower, induced draft fan, boiler burner and water pump, and accompanied by strong vibration.
    Because there are many and complex sound sources in the boiler room, it is necessary to adopt sound insulation, sound absorption, noise elimination and vibration isolation measures for comprehensive noise control.
    I. Sound insulation measures
    1. Replacing the original doors and windows of the boiler room with special sound-proof doors and windows can effectively control the transmission way of the radiated noise outside the boiler room.
    2.Grouping the internal equipment of the engine room, setting up special sound insulation rooms, installing ventilation and heat dissipation equipment, and equipping with intake and exhaust mufflers;
    3. In need of regular maintenance, and installation of sound insulation cover seriously affects the location of daily operation and maintenance work, movable sound insulation screen or movable semi-sound insulation cover can be installed.
    II. Noise Control Measures
    Install mechanical ventilator on the ventilation and heat sink of boiler room, equipped with suitable ventilation muffler.
    3. Sound absorption measures
    Combining with the actual situation of the boiler room, the overall sound absorption coefficient of the wall is improved and the reverberation in the room is reduced.
    IV. Vibration Isolation Measures
    For some equipment, vibration isolation devices can be added to reduce solid noise pollution to the external environment.